Flexographic Printing

Flexography is a method of printing that uses rotary in-line features. Therefore, you can print on flexible materials, such as paper and synthetic films. T&T Graphics uses the flexographic printing process to print and covert rolls of labels, tags and decals.

We offer custom configurations, sizes, materials, UV inks, varnishes, laminates, and adhesives to satisfy your needs. We can convert rolls, sheets, pinfeed, and fanfold labels. Our flexographic presses can handle up to 12 colors in one pass with web widths up to 16” and 4-color process with web widths up to 20”. In addition to printing, we offer hot stamping, embossing, variable printing & barcoding, serial numbering, back slits and perforations.

Diverse Materials:

Custom Adhesives:

Various Core Sizes: